Adxcel is a pioneer in Dynamic Creative Optimization for Rich Media for mobile devices that allow marketers to leverage the full potential of their investment in media buys and exceed their ROI targets.

Adxcel is the leading ad optimization platform for advertisers and marketers – and the only Dynamic Creative Optimization for Rich Media technology (DCORM) that focuses exclusively on the needs of mobile performance advertisers. Adxcel’s DCO platform delivers performance results and ROI far exceeding any competing technology. Adxcel empowers marketers to control, analyze, and evaluate their media buys in ways never before possible with flexible, data-driven optimization technology, detailed real-time analytics, and campaign data modeling. By blending the art of interactive advertising with the science of measurability and learning optimization, Adxcel delivers sophisticated mobile campaigns that truly make every impression count and exceed the advertiser’s performance goals.

Founded in 2011, Adxcel is located in Pleasanton, California.

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